KATE NEWLIN: Author of Shopportunity! How To Be A Retail Revolutionary, and Passion Brands, Why Some Brands are Just Gotta Have, Drive All Night For, and Tell All Your Friends About.  She is a highly-regarded business strategist working with the Fortune 200, fiery small businesses and visionary entrepreneurs, as well as private equity firms seeking to reinvigorate once mighty trademarks. Kate is a noted speaker at industry, trade and company events and is often asked to share her perspectives with major national and international trade and business press. She is known as a genuine 'Brand Whisperer,' releasing the pent-up power of Brands through unprecedented understanding of their authentic value to consumers, and the people who steward them.

TERRY PRESKAR: General Manager & Resident Global Ninja. Capable of building businesses, balance sheets and Brands. Head of analytics, with tremendous experience as GM of Sealed Air Medical Applications, senior business leader at Merck and visionary Brand steward of SnackWell's for Nabisco. A proven launcher of new businesses, turn-around leader of failing ones and driver of organic growth for existing Brands through M&A and oh yes:  in 11 countries across four continents. 

ERIN FOSTER: Strategist, storyteller, marketer and media professional. Brings 20 years of experience working with some of the most iconic brands in both the consumer and commercial space. Dynamic and accomplished communications professional with proven track record of developing corporate strategy, driving revenue, producing award-winning campaigns and coaching the C-Suite. A global warrior, she has launched products in every region of the world revealing new consumers, new markets and new revenue streams

NICOLE BELMONT: The Swiss Army Knife of Strategy & Innovation. Brings 20+ years' professional experience working in diverse aspects of media and communications, from both a commercial and consumer perspective, in Europe and the USA. Enjoys bringing new perspectives/opportunities to senior-level marketers from day one and in ensuring communications and products that suck never see the light of day.

NANCY CHANDLER KOGLMEIER:  Tenured faculty in the practice of ensuring savvy marketing strategy is developed in a climate that fosters genuine organizational will. Brings classic P&G plus HBS expertise, augmented by Sara Lee portfolio clarity, enhanced by consulting services leadership, plus VP Marketing credentials to bear on each challenge.

LIZ HARVEY: C-level multi-functional general management, marketing and business transformation magician.  Expertise in the areas of P&L management, consumer/market insights, strategy/business planning, branding and innovation/new products. Classically trained with professional skills honed at P&G and further developed in entrepreneurial mid-size private equity and small start up environments

HELEN FITZPATRICK: Best in class marketing promotion and channel strategist, runner of major direct and event firms ensuring growth of all the QSR Brands we love, as well as the flawless execution in-store promotions throughout the country and rapid consumer response initiatives that move the needle. Genuinely understands how to get Brand stewards and Channel partners aligned on values beyond value-pricing.

KAREN BARRY SCHWARZ: Leads our non-profit and cultural institution practice, with strong marketing communication and business strategy credentials. Stunningly adroit at media and stakeholder relations, event development, publicity and Brand presence. Oh, yes, also has that HBS rigor, coupled with P&G and SCJ discipline.

JOHN OLSEN: Senior Consultant, Fashion and Luxury Retail. Brand advocate at Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger & David Yurman. Unsurpassed understanding of the realities of Brand architecture as made manifest in multiple levels of retail, from luxe through factory outlet.

ROBERT TARASCHI: Ideation Guru. Charged with surfacing breakthrough thinking on today's marketing and business strategy challenges. Working with our radical confederation of analogous and functional experts, empaneled to create real-time hypotheses and fresh takes on vexing issues.

HAL GOLDBERG: Consumer insight Sage. Because of his remarkable immersion techniques,  we're able to identify the 'need behind the needs' consumers barely know they hunger for, until we show them the products and services that are pure and profitable wish fulfillment devices.

MATTIE NEWLIN: Social Media Maven. Who better than a 15-year-old to chart the social waters? Check out her YouTube Channel, Instagram feed and Pinterest Pages. Don't you want that kind of creativity and honesty on your side? 

RICK LEVINE:  Digital Magician. Send him a note of thanks for every magazine you've ever loved and lost and then, Wow, found again, with your passion reignited right there on your smart phone. Nobody does it better: The go-to guy for moving content from the old-school habitual to a living, breathing, invigorating ritual.

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