Our Business is the Fiery, Often Audacious Pursuit of Margin through Meaning

Consumers are complicated. They want to eat cookies and not put on weight. They want to have the small, regional brands of their youth available all the time everywhere now, without those brands becoming ‘big.’ They want environmentally safe household products without giving an inch on price, performance, their cleaning rituals or, well, the smell of Tide.

Into the consumer world we arrive, asking, “Why?” What is the thing behind the thing: The motivation beyond habit or rational explanation?

Our approach brings a tenacious and intellectually rigorous focus. We identify, inspect and, then, heighten the emotional impact of a brand’s passionate, personal and, yet, pervasive appeal.


What is Passion Branding?

It is the decision to ignite the consumer’s poignant and paradoxical (yes paradoxical) desires to align with your brand purpose. Why? To forge sustainable, profitable growth through compelling, emotional competitive advantage. We forge the irresistible case: When the consumer is in the moment of urgent need, your Brand is what she thinks of and turns to. You define her answer.

How Do We Do It? 

The cornerstone is our deep understanding of the unconscious emotional valence the consumer brings to your category and brand.



How Well Does It Work?

$1 billion dollar brands. $2 billion categories. Reinvigorated trademarks. Resuscitated business models. Reimagined channel partnerships. Compelling communication that bonds real people to the real power of real brands.