"We at Hershey's know something about brands that ignite genuine passion. Kate Newlin unlocks the secrets, showing how passion grows as special brands conscript a loyal following to spend precious social and financial currency."

DAVE WEST, President & CEO, The Hershey Company, Delmonte,  Big Heart Brands

"Newlin provides a dazzling dose of tough love for Americans (and brands) addicted to the cheap.  She dissects passion as a branding exercise. Nobody understands it better."

PACO UNDERHILL, Author of  Why We Buy, CEO of Envirosell

"In today's disjointed environment, developing passion around your brands is Job 1. Kate is remarkably sensitive to the consumer, brings a unique hands-on approach and fans the flames of brand passion, while getting organizations on fire, as well."

CHRIS BALDWIN, President,  Kraft Snacks & President, CEO of Hess Retail

"Call her the Brand Whisperer. Kate is an insightful observer into the soul of a business. She knows what it takes to turn consumers into customers and customers into passionate fans. Yes, Kate is well-grounded in brand metrics, but even more important, she understands how to create that unquantifiable brand magic."

MISSY PARK, Founder Title 9 Sports

"Love may be a 'many splendored thing,' but brand passion -- ah, passion -- is the path to driving improved marketplace and financial results. Kate's seven-step model is proven, based on analytics and real-world, in-depth cases...and that means competitive advantage."

PETER KLEIN,  Former Corporate Officer & Senior Vice President, The Gillette Company