The news from McDonald's today that it is moving towards an antibiotic-free chicken nugget future is thrilling. Let's just say it. This one 'reset' may not change the fortunes of the McDonald's brand in the short-term, okay. But, it does, in one deft move, illustrate the social power of Brands to up the ante throughout the supply chain and take a powerful message straight to consumers. Sure, as the change phases in, we all may well lower our shoulders a bit when crossing the threshold of this fast food temple. Perhaps. But we'll also look twice in the poultry section of the grocery case and so will Mr. Grocer. McD's competitive set will have to match the move and whoosh! Chickens without weird additives. Watch the dominos start to fall, as well, as Big Food notes the euphoria and begins to make their own steps to rid their Brands of additives, preservatives and all manner of bizarre, unpronounceable ingredients.  

That noise you hear in the background? Chickens chirping "Huzzah!" I'm quite 'loving it' suddenly, too.